Monsanto’s Roundup Linked to Fatty Liver Disease

Glyphosate—the controversial active ingredient in Monsanto's top-selling weed killer Roundup and other herbicides—can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats at very low, real-world doses, according to a peer-reviewed study published in Nature.

The groundbreaking research is the first to show a "causative link between an environmentally relevant level of Roundup consumption over the long-term and a serious disease," stated lead author Dr. Michael Antoniou of King's College London, who described the findings as "very worrying."

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the accumulation of extra fat in liver cells not caused by alcohol. It's a serious and common condition that affects up to 90 million people in the U.S. There are many roundup cancer lawsuits that are concerned with the harmful effects of the weed killer. If you are among those who have been affected by the harmful weed killler, you can consult Roundup Cancer Attorneys Handling National Roundup Lawsuits.

For the study, the researchers used cutting-edge molecular profiling methods to examine the livers of female rats who were fed an extremely low dose of Roundup over a two-year period. The rats were administered an ultra-low dose of only 4 nanograms per kilogram of body weight per day, which is 75,000 times below EU and 437,500 below U.S. permitted levels—basically thousands of times below the amount allowed by regulators around the world. 

The concentration of glyphosate that was added to the drinking water of the rats corresponds to a concentration found in tap water for human consumption.

The team found evidence that consumption of low doses of glyphosate over time can cause cell damage, serious fatty liver disease and areas of dead tissue or necrosis in the livers, as the Daily Mail reported from the study.

Locksmith Services In Palo Alto

If you make use of locks and keys then you would obviously find it necessary to go for a locksmith service from time to time depending upon how important and how complex your looking system may be. Whether you are a domestic client or a commercial one, you will find that locks are everywhere including on vehicles that often require the services of an expert.

If you have lost your car keys in Palo Alto and you do not have spare keys easily accessible then the next thing that you should be doing would be to look for locksmith services in Palo Alto such as so that you can get in touch with a reliable locksmith that can take care of the situation for you.

There are quite a few locksmiths offering their services however they may specialize in particular types of locks and hence, when looking for a locksmith in Palo Alto make sure you specify the kind of locking system that you may have so that you can easily find the right locksmith that would be sorting the problem out for you.

Whether you have locked your keys inside your car which you might want immediate access to or whether your locker at your office needs access but the keys that you had are nowhere to be found, you will find the services of a professional locksmith in Palo Alto to be quite handy in situations like these.

Custom Metal Art Decor for Our Homes

Custom metal art styles are the most recent interior decoration technique that is obtaining known among individuals of the state capital. These are artistic and creative sculptures that are being crafted by skilled metal artwork creators and steel art Melbourne artist. The styles that are created by these specialists are given by the purchasers. The products that are crafted beneath the services of those custom metal art styles work are completely different from the other home interior decoration components that are used these days in numerous construction and renovation comes. after we are talking concerning metal art styles we'd like to stay one issue in mind that these are the most effective and therefore the most original methodology of alerting the planning of one's home or workplace. individuals have an interest in giving these ornamental custom screens services are the attempt as a result of they're completely different from alternative home interior decoration strategies. an added issue that actuated individuals towards usage of the stylish metal art styles and sculptures is that the price of the services.

Corten sculpture steel art Melbourne services to individuals with the assistance of their quality metal art merchandise like content metal art screen and custom metal art sculptures. Get up-to-date with these metal designers and share your concepts with them. The metal art masterpiece that you just get within the finish of the designing method is simply excellent for your home or workplace area. of these styles are latest and that they are crafted by the skilled hands of the skilled metal art creative person Melbourne. One should attempt these services thanks to the actual fact that they're the pocket-friendly and best in quality. If you want to learn more about metal art and how to purchase the right metal arts product, then do a little research on the web and get the best results. There are a number of websites are available on the web that offers the detailed information about metal art. 


Choose the Right Catering Service for Your Fundraising Event

When food is the right part of your fundraising event you must choose a wedding caterers service sensibly. How your guests remember your fundraiser will rely upon what they thought of the food and service greatly. Those memories, bad or good, will influence them as it pertains time to take into account attending the next fundraising event.

Advance planning is the main element. Many locations that you decide on will have a limited set of wedding caterers services which may be used.

Some may demand you utilize their in-house wedding caterers service. Others may haven't any constraints in any way. Whichever position you end up in, you must allow sufficient time and energy to explore your catering options before you make your decision.If you are looking for a catering service for your event, you may visit

Image result for catering

When you yourself have many catering options I would recommend that you retain your records in a centralized location. A notebook with pouches or an expandable data file folder would be ideal. Besides keeping organized, it'll allow you to add this specific knowledge with your event information that ought to be passed on to next year's event manager.

Here are the key concerns in choosing a wedding caterers service:

List Your Wedding caterers Needs

To be able to acquire correct bids for your fundraiser's meals an inventory must be provided by you of your wedding caterers needs. Important what to include are:

  • Time and day of your event.
  • Location of your event.
  • Indoor or outdoor.
  • Will there be a kitchen on site?
  • How many friends (look for minimums with your wedding caterers services)?
  • Nutritionary concerns (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, etc.).
  • Alcohol needs.
  • Portion needs: buffet style, traditional sit back evening meal, family style, food channels or cocktail reception.
  • Time open to set up also to break down the function?
  • Your Wedding caterers Budget

Let your caterer know your finances in advance. Be clear in what kind of event you've planned. Alert those to any theme or style for your event which could or should be shown in the menu.


Head and Neck Pain: The Connection and Causes

For those who commonly suffer from both headaches and neck pain concurrently, it may not be surprising to acquire that these symptoms are often intertwined. In 1983 a Norwegian physician documented a sub-group of headache patients with head pain that instigated within the cervical spine. He dubbed this discovery the "cervicogenic headache".

Cervicogenic Headaches – Likely Causes:

Pain can spread. A difficulty within the neck can arouse a nerve that leads to the scalp and consequently causes a headache. Inappropriately, the duality of this problem can make it hard to find the root and therefore define a suitable treatment. The majority of cervicogenic headaches are due to stiffness in the posterior neck muscles, which can be found at the back of the neck. As a result, anything that can strain the neck muscles can also cause a cervicogenic headache. You can also visit to know more about the reasons of neck pain.

Below is a list of the main causes:

Stress Induced: Stress can source the muscles around the neck to stiffen, which can lead to tension headaches, neck pain and a sensation of pressure.

Bad Posture: From a pillow with insufficient support to a poor driving position, there are a thousand and one ways to root neck pain.

Injury or Trauma: An injury to the neck of shoulders can create stiffness and strain within the muscles around the neck, shoulders and head.

How To Set Your Pain Management Goals

Setting goals, like losing weight, exercising regularly, participating in activities that are enjoyable, or even volunteering to help others means that you will be starting on a journey of life changes that will help in reducing the stresses, both physical and psychological, that can increase your pain levels.

When you start thinking about setting your goals for managing your pain, there are 2 things you should keep in mind. You can also refer to  Mermaid Physiotherapy program to get the best pain management treatment.

There are two types of pain management. "Pain relief" and "pain modulation" are considered the two categories of pain management. Pain relief is when you want to reduce the intensity of pain at the moment, for instance, your knees are hurting and you take a pain reliever, or you rest your knees or apply ice to them.

Just the opposite is pain modulation, which tries to only soften the effects of pain over time. Pain modulation depends on a more active involvement and long-term commitment than pain relief and includes doing things like losing weight, exercising, taking part in any enjoyable activities, as well as using relaxation techniques.

Getting help from your doctor, a physical therapist, or an occupational therapist can prepare you to choose your goals. Your health professional can help you to determine what pain-management techniques are safe and appropriate for you and show you the right way to do the activities or techniques you have chosen.

You will want to remember, though, that the goals you set are yours and research shows that when you are able to be involved in that setting of your goals, you have a better chance of actually meeting those goals. However, your health professional can guide you in your decision as to what goals are right for you, but you should have the last word.

Anti-Fatigue Mats – Which Is Best For Your Application

Anti-fatigue mats are made to reduce exhaustion associated with located for extended periods of time on a difficult surface such as concrete, hard wood floor surfaces, tile, carpet, etc. They could be constructed of a number of materials including plastic, foam, viscous-elastic, and vinyl fabric. These mats are put on hard areas in areas where people are a symbol of prolonged intervals or frequently walk short ranges backward and forwards.

Image result for The Benefits of Anti Fatigue Mats

In order to protect personnel and relieve the pain and fatigue associated with standing, companies are choosing ergonomic desk products like anti-fatigue matting. There are various anti-fatigue mat models available in several designs, sizes, and colors which explain why it is vital to choose the one which will be suitable for the application prior to purchasing. For more information about the anti-fatigue mats also search imovr.


Having furniture that is ESD ranked is essential for several surroundings where electrostatic release might be there. ESD anti-fatigue mats disperse static electricity from an operator as soon as they step on the mat and safely from sensitive equipment. It's important to avoid the deposition of static electricity by quickly draining it from providers and get rid of the risks of data damage or the damaging of micro-circuitry equipment. Conductive matting should be utilized with an earth cable, and the top kept clean.


Working at a salon requires peak performance while standing up all day which explains why it's important to truly have a salon mat that will help reduce tiredness. Salon mats come in a number of patterns depending on what's suitable for your projects stop including a semi-circle or rectangle. In addition, they feature a chair depression to match around the bottom of your salon couch. Another special feature that may be found in given models is puncture level of resistance to pumps, known as heel evidence salon mats.

Understanding Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice, commonly referred to just as malpractice, is a commonly used term. But what does it mean, and who does it affect? If you have received medical care lately and felt you were treated improperly or with negligence, which lead to you suffering an injury or harm, you may have experienced malpractice.

Medical malpractice generally refers to negligence on the part of any healthcare provider that causes a patient to suffer harm or injury. Healthcare providers comprise physicians of all kinds, including surgeons; nurses in any field, regardless of rank; dentists and orthodontists; and therapists, including psychiatrists.You can get Talcum Powder cancer lawsuit news via

Image result for MEDICAL LAWSUIT

These individuals are charged with providing medical care for sick individuals. Unfortunately, they sometimes fail to live up to this oath and commit a negligent action either through doing or not doing something considered standard process. Malpractice commonly leads to injury and, in some cases, even death.

Some common forms of medical malpractice are:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, which may case you or a loved one to suffer further illness
  • Surgical and anesthetic errors, which may leave you weakened or may lead to death
  • Medication errors, which may cause undesired side effects and drug interactions
  • Improper treatment, which may be harmful to your health depending on the procedure

When you have been injured or a loved one has died because of medical malpractice, the healthcare providers responsible should be held answerable. 

Why You Should Invest In Self Heating Meals

Do you spend a lot of time camping? Are you trying to stock up on food for the future? If you want to make sure that you always have food to eat, you should think about purchasing self heating meals

Meals that can heat themselves sound too good to be true, but these meals are very real. Here are a few reasons you should purchase them. 

They Keep For A Long Time 

It doesn't matter if you aren't able to use the meals that you buy right away. They will last for a very long time. In addition, your meal won't have to be refrigerated. If you want to buy a box of these meals and save them all for later, you'll be able to do that without a problem. 

They're Easy To Heat Up 

Heating up these meals is incredibly easy. They come with a heating pad that will allow you to heat a meal like you would if you were cooking it. You'll get the taste of home cooking even if you are out on a camping trip. These meals are small and lightweight, and are designed to be easy to use. 

There Are Plenty Of Options 

No matter what kind of food you're craving, you should be able to find a self heating meal that's to your liking. There are a wide variety of flavors available. 

If you invest in these meals, you'll be able to look at your choices and find something that seems appealing to you. You'll be able to stock up on the kind of meals that you'll look forward to eating. 

Anyone that's looking for long-lasting, easy-to-prepare meals should look into self heating meals. Whether you enjoy these meals at home or on a camping trip, you're going to wind up getting a lot out of them.

Skin Care Products You Won’t Find at the Local Pharmacy

We all want to use the best skin care products, but sometimes it can be hard to find them. Some people think that it means using the most expensive products, and others think it means using a brand that has the best commercials. No matter what way we approach it, though, the proof is out that we have been wrong all along.

Recently I have begun researching the latest breakthroughs and ingredients from the science of skin care. What I have compiled is a list of ingredients that comprise skin care products that actually work. The following ingredients are research proven to have visible and lasting results on the skin.

The first ingredient I would like to discuss is active manuka honey. For me, this is the best ingredient available. Like every ingredient on this list, it is all natural. Manuka has a few big benefits going for it. You can visit to know various kinds of drugs available in the local pharmacy store.

First, it is excellent for cleansing and tightening pores. Second is the fact that manuka is an excellent antioxidant. Not only is it very strong, but it is able to penetrate all the layers of the skin for the best results possible.

Antioxidants combat the effects of oxygenation on skin and other bodily cells, and are vital to restoring the look of youthful, glowing skin.

Perhaps the best benefit of manuka, however, is something you would never expect to find in even the best skin care products.