Tips on How To Display Your House Number Signs

Make it easy for your pizza delivery guy or your favorite cousin from out of town find your home by displaying your house number signs at easy to spot locations. Here are some few tips:

  1. If you have a standing mailbox in front of your house, specifically, by the roadside, place the numbers on the side facing traffic so that it is visible to oncoming vehicles. The ideal height size of the numbers is three inches.

  2. If you choose to place your house number signs on or by the main entrance of your house, the house numbers should visible from the street. The ideal size for the height is at least four inches.

  3. Trees, bushes, flower beds placed near the house number signs should be trimmed regularly to ensure that the foliage would not cover it.

  4. The color of your house number signs must be in contrast with the colors of the background on which you will place them. For example, if your house’s exterior is a light gray in color, use black numbers. If your mailbox is black, your house number sign should be white.

  5. Your house number signs should be placed at a well- lit area.  

So before you purchase your house number signs, assess first the best location to put it on the exterior of your house. From there, you can determine the best typeface size, color and even the lay out of your house number signs.

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