What Is.NET? What Are Its Capabilities and Limitations?

Who would have thought that a significant competitor in the Software Development space could have a title that resembles a web address?

Can it be a language or a stage? It is evident that you could do things but what is it, when it is talked about? What are its capabilities? Find out more details about .net via http://www.aspneto.com/..

What Is.NET? What Are Its Capabilities and Limitations?

What are its limitations and specifically business care or should the programmer?


It's actually pretty straightforward. They have the same root when you boil down the answers. In addition, it can save you plenty of money and time understanding what is "Contained" and what isn't.

However, it's extremely critical to get the one big drawback too .NET.

To make a long story, .NET is a Platform; it is essentially an API on steroids. That the developer doesn't need to learn how it functions, but could still use it gives hundreds of capabilities.

The API is also well documented. If you're trying to use a particular. NET Capability you can documentation and examples of each feature on the net itself.

As a platform instead of an API, it gives the ability to run the code. NET in a safe environment without needing to worry about low-level issues. Because you don't need to learn how to do things such as memory management and DLL calls it lowers the barrier.

It is still in development despite the fact that it stable now on as Microsoft evolves their thinking and every couple of years new capabilities are added.

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