Jobs That Involve Operating A Cable Winch

Finding a job is not an easy task. Everyone needs one that fits their skills and experience. If you are a winch operator and looking for a job that best suits you, here is a list of jobs that involve operating winch machines:

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  • Winch Operator

This job involves monitoring, operating, repairing and cleaning winch machines.You should be able to operate different kinds of winches whether they are run on gasoline, electricity, diesel, compressed air or steam. You also need to be able to load and unload weights and select your cargo according to the size and weight of your winch machine. You should know howto repair it with hand tools and have an understanding ofwinches.

  • Truck Cable Hauler

This is another job that requires operating cable winches though you may also need to know how to drive a truck. You should be aware of the different hauling methods including internal, external and overhead hauling. You should also be able to operate a winch machine and sub duct installation. 

If you have a truck you can look for a cable winch for sale and install it in your truck and work as a freelancer. You would also need a driving licence in order to do this job.

  • Rigger

This job involves lifting and moving materials onto a ship or on the yard and placing them in the correct position. A rigger should be able to instruct crane lifters and know how to select cables, ropes, pulleys and winches according to weight.You should also be able to operate them.

These are some of the jobs that involve winch operating, which one would you choose?

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