Latest Designs for Kitchen

Kitchen design is all about the flow. Listed below are four common kitchen layouts which allow for easy flow. Each design has its own benefits and each may be further developed incorporating different layouts.

One Wall Kitchen:

The One Wall Kitchen is straightforward and inexpensive. While it doesn't use the classic triangle (sink-oven-refrigerator), all work zones are aligned along one wall making an unimpeded flow. Typically, the One Wall Kitchen has to be at least eight feet in length to match in the 3 major appliances.

The one Wall Kitchen is economical since less counter area means less cabinetry and granite to set up. You may search online for more kitchen designs Oshawa.

Latest Designs for Kitchen

The Galley:

The Galley Kitchen is similar to the one Granite Kitchen but awakened. The Galley needs to be carefully designed to be able to maintain an open feel as the long narrow format can be claustrophobic. The work triangle is readily integrated into this design with a couple variations.

L-Shaped Design:

The L Shaped Kitchen is a versatile layout with appliances together two perpendicular walls. The L shape kitchen may have walls of equivalent length but most often has one long wall and a briefer one that helps to create an ideal work triangle.

This is a superb layout and flow when the area is limited in wall space and works well when integrating a sitting area or dining area into the kitchen. It can be further improved by incorporating an island.

U-Shape Design:

The U Shaped Kitchen is a frequent design used in many larger kitchens. It comprises three walls which allow for greatest cook along with preparatory area together with extra storage. The homeowner has options as to where the work triangle is put and multiple variations when incorporating the minor appliances.


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