3 Must-Have Winch Accessories

There are different accessories available with winch machines and each of these have different functions. By purchasing a few accessories you can use your winch for many other projects whether it is at home, construction site or in a factory.

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Following are 3 accessories that you should get with your winch:

1. Winch Strap

Winch straps are stronger and tougher than ropes provided with winches. Moreover, these straps do not get damaged easily and you can use them for pulling a chain or cable. There are several types of winch straps like tow straps, extension straps and recovery straps.

2. D-ring Shackles

These shackles are used for tying straps with a winch. They are considered a better option than hooks. Hooks work better with chains rather than with straps. The shackles are not only stronger and sturdier than hooks but can carry heavier materials also. They have a smooth surface without any sharp corners or edges that can tear or damage the fabric of the strap. It may take a longer time to attach the shackles to the winch strap but the shackles are relatively safer than hooks.  

3. Snatch Block

A snatch block is a kind of pulley that enables the user to attach a double rope or line to the cargo or load. It also comes with a movable side plate which makes it easier for the user to put in the cable instead of starting the winch and threading it in. You need to be very careful when using it and ensure that you do not exceed the capacity of the cable or winch.

These are some accessories that are usually provided with a cable pulling winch for sale.

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