Have A Life Time Experience Of Watching & Swimming With Whale Sharks In Canyoneering

In a very short span of time, Canyoneering has become the cutting-edge outdoor adventure sport in Cebu. So, whenever you make a visit to Cebu, do make sure you try all the activities conducted here, especially watching and swimming with whale sharks, WOW! Now that sounds crazy, isn’t it?

Basically, in Canyoneering tourists can participate in activities like walking, climbing, jumping, rappelling and swimming.

Before you engage into all these activities, ensure that you are physically fit to participate in all of them. If you are not doing work out on daily basis, be sure to give some time for exercise to prepare yourself for the all of these activities, since all of them can be pretty tiring for you.

Out of all the activities, if you take the package tour of Cebu Tours, they offer a special package to all of their tourist customers and that is swimming with whale shark and Canyoneering tour in one day for may be around for just 2,990 pesos.

Sharks swimming with sharks can be very hilarious, but these sharks are famous as gentle giants. Oslob is the place where this activity is conducted.  The whale sharks in Oslob are normally fed at around 6:00 am so, visitors should come early.

If you take the package tour of Cebu tour, you will never get delayed or visit any place in hush-hush, since they very well understand that time is valuable when traveling.

So, they do all of the arrangements systematically, specifically your Whale shark and Canyoneering tour, so do not waste your time anymore and make your tour memorable.

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