Effective Concerns About Allergy

The immune system is the immune mechanisms of the body that offers immunity to infections and toxins. Sometimes, the immune system mistakes the harmless food as a threat and causes it to protect the entire body, this is referred to as food allergy.

The food allergy doesn’t occur in a particular period of time or era, the allergy may develop anytime, even for the food which you have been consuming for a long time with no problem.

Thus, there are lots of allergy tests available in Thailand. Appropriate allergy from eatable food and stuff sensitivity blood test should be performed if there are any prevailing signs.

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People frequently confuse food intolerance with food allergy, but both of these differ from each other.

When the immune system of the body responds to some food, it’s referred to as food allergy. It affects organs within the human body and the response can be severe with symptoms such as breathing difficulties, swelling, pain, vomiting, etc.. Additionally, it places one at a life-threatening risk of the allergic reaction such as anaphylaxis.

In the event of food poisoning or food sensitivity, the body is not able to digest the eatable. An individual can consume a small quantity of intolerant food with no problem. Symptoms include nausea, gas, diarrhea, headache, etc..

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