How to Purchase Foreclosures

Often in real estate the best place to invest is in foreclosures. Many market conditions make it a good idea for small to medium real estate investors to buy 1 or more foreclosures for private residence, resale or lease.

During the decline in the economy, higher end property goes into foreclosure, so the assumption that property foreclosures can only be obtained in high crime areas is incorrect. If you want to purchase foreclosed homes, then you can visit

The shores and houses in affluent areas are always part of the mix of foreclosed properties available. You can buy foreclosures as cheap as 50% below the market, but many foreclosures sell only 10% below the market.

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But savings can be doubled if the property is bought from a mortgage lender that carries a default mortgage loan. Certain mortgage lenders may be prepared to override some closing costs, maybe even giving a break on the interest rate or down payment.

Information is King

The initial investor must learn to navigate the foreclosure process. If you put time and effort in it it will be translated into savings. If you spend five hours a week researching, it's very valuable.

For many consumers, the foreclosure process can be very disappointing. Good property can be obtained, but finding the property requires research, preparation, patience, and patience. The foreclosure process begins when property falls in arrears on a mortgage loan.

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