4 Top Benefits of Drinking Organic Green Tea

Tea is the most exhilarating drink that one can have in the morning. It’s the best way to start the day. Invented in China, tea has been served since years across the globe. It is easy to make and easy to serve, requires no garnishing other than sugar. But not all tea is good for your health. Some teas can be bad and can be caused by health hazards. Therefore, people often look for other sources of early morning refreshment. But they hardly find any. Coffee can be as harmful as tea, but decaf coffee is also available in the market but is very costly. Now, who would want to spend so much of money for one drink in the morning? Therefore, the only thing that can replace unhealthy tea in the morning is refreshing green tea.

Green tea extract is healthy because of the large concentrations of powerful, natural antioxidants, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. It is a rich power source of healthy nutrients. But the important factor is that the antioxidants that are present in green tea are 10-25 times stronger than vitamin C and E. There are different forms of green tea; Chinese Green Teas are prized for their sweet, herbaceous and refreshing taste. Japanese green teas more have a vegetable flavour, like freshly cut grass. There are a lot more on the list, but these are two forms of green tea, which are consumed most widely around the world.

One cup of green tea has more antioxidants than a serving of spinach, broccoli, carrots or a leafy salad, therefore, it provides big benefits in small packages. There are a lot of other benefits of drinking organic tea are as follows:

1. Organic Green tea refreshes the body with its high Vitamin B, which is not available otherwise, and the Vitamin B content helps the human body better to deal with stress and other contemporary diseases like hypertension and releases more energy and can help restrain the growth of various bacteria that cause other dangerous diseases in the human body.

2. Organic Green tea can help reduce the risk of cancer. With all its antioxidants present in it, drinking it once a day. Green tea has mainly achieved heights of fame by its highly significant antioxidant properties. Doctors all over the world recommend it because of its health improvement qualities.

3. Green tea also contains fluoride and therefore drinking it will help fight cavities, reduce germ activity inside the mouth, strengthen tooth enamel and keep your breath fresh. It can also be used as a mouthwash. Different kinds of green tea are also available and therefore can be put to proper use.

4. Green tea also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and vitamin E. All these Vitamin B complex vitamins and others can help maintain your health and keep you going. It helps you to prevent diseases too, so it might not be a bad idea to have several glasses of green tea per day, especially during cold and flu season where immunity is a very big question mark. Green tea extracts can help you keep that in check.