Leonard Ellerbe on May-Mac fight: Floyd wants him to have every advantage possible

LAS VEGAS – The CEO of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe is pleased with the decision made by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to change the glove size for Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor next week at the T-Mobile Arena, Nevada.

However, Mayweather was the first one to suggest the change of glove weight from 10 ounces to 8 ounces, it was the NSAC that unanimously voted to approve the “one-time exception” that would give the chance and the advantage for McGregor in their showdown.

That’s all part of the plan, however, according to Ellerbe who said Mayweather wants McGregor to have as many taps in his pocket as possible into the matchup. This is just another one.

Ellerbe told MMAjunkie after today’s hearing in Las Vegas that, “Mayweather likes McGregor to have various advantage possible that he can have. Conor is shamelessly confident as a person, and I’m fully confident too that he’s going to lay it on the line. He’s not only representing the UFC brand but also representing his country. He has the great fans from his country. They will be there for him, and the millions of fans across the world will be tuned in watching this huge event. We’re excited.”

Despite the close difference between the 8oz glove to the 4oz fist protection that the UFC lightweight champion McGregor uses in MMA, it’s actually Mayweather has the more experience in the newly approved size. Because of that, he thinks the fight will look different than it would have differently.

Ellerbe said, “I think it will have an impact on the fight. From a fighter’s perspective, you’re more comfortable with fighting the smaller glove. I’m pretty confident the fight will end in a knockout. Pretty confident. It’s something Conor wanted, something Floyd wanted, and both fighters got exactly what they need.

“Conor assured that he’s going to knock Floyd out inside four rounds. He just recently said he’s striving to give him just two rounds. I will fully hope that he’s word will happen, and be very aggressive. We’ve got a fight, ladies and gentleman.

Conor McGregor keeps on carrying on with the high life in the development to super-battle

Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather might be completely centered around his August super battle, yet that hasn't ceased him getting a charge out of the high life in the meantime. 

The Irishman is set to venture into the enclosing ring Las Vegas one month from now, yet for the time being he is preparing in his nation of origin with his group. 

McGregor ventured out of the exercise center this week and presented a snap on Instagram of himself with a gaudy BMW i8, close by the inscription 'white on white today'. 

The contender, wearing low profile pants and a blue polo shirt, has his hand on the entryway of the auto, worth an astounding £105,000. 

As though to demonstrate his fans that the diligent work never stops, however, hours after the fact McGregor was back via web-based networking media to share another snap of him in the exercise center. 

Close by the inscription 'I'm going to warm up', a shirtless McGregor postures for a photo inside the ring. 

As the August session moves closer, McGregor is certain to venture up his preparation administration and mentor John Kavanagh has lifted the top on one specific viewpoint. 

When preparing himself for a MMA session, the Irishman has a wide range of aptitudes to take a shot at, yet Kavanagh says this time around there is one fundamental concentration – competing. 

'Without broadly expounding – just to toss a number at you – we're doing four times the measure of fighting for this camp than we would accomplish for a consistent MMA camp,' Kavanagh told the Mac Life. 

'That is an immense measure of additional rounds. Whatever different parts you prepare for a battle whether it's boxing or MMA, no ifs ands or buts the most vital piece of that is fighting. That is the game. 

'It's a learning background. You don't get the opportunity to do this over and over again, where you inundate yourself in one style. I read some place that individuals were stating this would negatively affect Conor when he backpedals to MMA; I believe it's just going to have a beneficial outcome. At the point when else might you be able to hold everything and concentrate on one craftsmanship? 

'Whatever about alternate expressions in MMA, Conor originated from enclosing and boxing was forever his heart. He was continually demonstrating me distinctive boxing battles about the years, so now that he truly gets the chance to submerge himself in it and drag every one of us profound into that rabbit gap with him it is interesting.'

How top MMA coaches would plan Conor McGregor for Floyd Mayweather

With regards to Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor, there is no deficiency of themes to talk about. 

Each Instagram post is a feature. What's more, you can wager all these diverse points of scope will resolutely search out your eyeballs amongst now and the evening of the battle. 

Today, we're discussing the battle itself. In particular, how a decent blended military craftsman can approach the assignment of battling a world-class boxer in his own particular field. 

What can McGregor do, on the off chance that anything, to even the playing field? What does he really convey to the table that Mayweather hasn't seen? What will happen when the battle really begins and what, at last, will be the ultimate result? 

ESPN addressed a portion of the best mentors in MMA to get a feeling of what McGregor's procedure and chances are, against the five-division best on the planet Mayweather. 

Firas Zahabi, Tristar MMA 

Conor is the better contender and Mayweather is the better boxer. As I would like to think, neither one of the ones has a place in the other's field. It resembles, "Who wins, a lion or a shark?" Well, if it's in an aquarium, the shark. On the off chance that it's in the wilderness, the lion. 

The one X factor is despite everything we don't have a clue about the farthest point of Conor's left hand. Will it thump somebody out as effectively as it does in MMA? He was conceived with a blessing. That is a blessing. No one ever knows how that is finished. It's a secret, that sort of energy. Boxing mentors have attempted to copy it. We're not insane, we're attempting to make sense of how that is done, what it is precisely that makes somebody hit that hard – and nobody genuinely knows. Nobody can state that has been found. 

Mayweather has seen that some time recently, at the most elevated amount, and managed it wonderfully many circumstances over. Conor will attempt to arrive the left hand. He's not going to hit Mayweather to death. He will spook him, drive his lower arms into his face. Keep in mind a bout is 36 minutes. That is truly a considerable measure longer than we're utilized to in MMA, and we've seen Conor get drained before. In the event that it goes into the later adjusts, it won't be beautiful. 

I don't think it will go 12 rounds. Either Conor gets him early or Mayweather puts him away in the later adjusts. 

Jason Parillo, RVCA VA Sport 

On the off chance that McGregor begins blurring anytime, I think Mayweather will endeavor to have a "showtime" minute. I'm certain he schools folks at times in the exercise center, talks s – . I could see him attempting to make that kind of case out of Conor. 

Do I think McGregor has something uncommon to him? He wouldn't have the consideration that is on him on the off chance that he didn't. It is safe to say that he is sufficiently ponderous to hurt some individual? Yes. However, the way I take a gander at it is that Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya were proficient punchers and concentrated on only punching their whole lives. McGregor's been putting as much concentrate on everything else. 

Mayweather is 40 years of age and he's been out of the ring, yet I never observed that slight misfortune, that second of a reflex – I just never observed it. The person is f – ing Gumby. He has the reflexes of a feline. You have folks who have 30 to 40 proficient wins, quick as lightning, and Mayweather makes them miss throughout the day and after that makes them pay. 

You must recall, all our MMA champions go for is 25 minutes. This battle is an additional 11 minutes. That will become possibly the most important factor. In the event that McGregor's got coarseness and the whiskers to do it, he could put it on Mayweather and cover him, punch his arms, whatever he can hit. McGregor's really got the foot speed for it too, to walk him down a bit. It gets confounding endeavoring to discuss this however, on the grounds that we know McGregor is a decent MMA boxer, and god favor all the MMA folks that McGregor has thumped out, yet they're not Jose Luis Castillo or Oscar De La Hoya. This battle is by all accounts a considerable measure about cash.