The Scraper Comes To The Rescue!

A scraper is a large machine used to complete a variety of tasks on construction sites. It is an essential tool for all construction companies. Following is its detailed use.


What Does A Scrapper Do?

A scraper=can dig up soil; haul it onto a loading truck and then level out the ground.  Its large tires allow the scrapper to move on rough terrain and easily complete its task.

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The Single Engine Wheeled Scarper

This standard scarper has a bowl and an apron which is used to retain the material in one area. The scrapper has a hydraulic ejector which is used thrust the load out and into the loading truck. The scrapper is powered by a hydraulic system which allows the worker to use each of these functions independent of the other making it great for multitasking.

The Dual Engine Wheeled Scraper

To increase the power of the scrapper it has two engines; each one to power a separate set of wheels. The dual engine scrappers have an elevator instead of an apron. This elevator can be hydraulically driven and is for loading material into the scrapers bowl. The material is then unloaded when the bowl’s floor is slide backwards.

The Pull Scrappers

These scrappers are used to move soft and wet soils and sand. Unlike the wheeled scrapper, this machine must be pulled along by other vehicles as it isn’t motorized.

The scrapper is an essential addition to any construction company’s equipment and allows the workers to do their job in the most efficient way possible.