The Dangers of a Homemade Ozone Generator

Ozone generators are great machines that can assist in removing odors and prevent mold from growing in unwanted places. Moisture is hard to control if you don’t have a dehumidifier, but you can prevent this mold from growing with the occasional use of an ozone generator.

However, you may consider something different. Some people think that they can create an ozone generator at home, due to a few tutorials on the Internet. This can be very dangerous for many reasons, so it’s best if you buy or rent an ozone generator, as Damage Control 911 says.

The dangers that come with making a homemade ozone generator are many. One of the dangers is a fire hazard. Since an ozone generator needs an open energy source to charge the oxygen molecules floating around, sparks or energy can jump to a piece of furniture or curtain.

Not only that, but ozone is dangerous enough as it is. If you breathe it in, you can have problems with breathing. It might cause your lungs to become inflamed and can also cause problems for pets and plants. Ozone generators are also complicated, needing microchips, Plexiglas, and corona plates.

These can cause a lot of problems too and some pieces can be relatively expensive. You’d be better off simply buying an ozone generator instead.