Restaurants All Over The World Are Basically The Same

 They serve food. Duh. Let us not get ahead of ourselves. Yes, some areas fabulous and amazing as they seem to be, especially those with five stars, but let us not forget that the main reason for them exist got begin with is to serve food. Let us try not to over glorify them, yeah? We love them for their food, of course. And we believe that every place as such should serve them that are fresh and healthy, no exceptions. So yes, restaurants in Coloma.

If you have ever been into one, then you know that there is nothing really to note in one. Unless you have experienced being behind the scenes or when you served the food yourself, you do not really notice anything. But once you had a taste of being a customer service person, you start noticing things.

Back then, we rarely got irritated when the long wait is, well, too long. Sure, we get really hungry and we complain a lot but we do not realize that THEY, the waiters, actually get a lot more anxious about the waiting themselves. Because it reflects them, even though it is obviously not their fault that the wait is long.

It is not the fault of the chefs either. Sometimes. Most times, it is just the amount of time it needs for the food to cook.

And maybe they got out of stock of the food they prepared beforehand. Does that not mean that they are doing well so far? If they are running out of stock and have to resort to the fresher and untouched ones?

This is because of the number of customers and guests they had to serve. That should be counted as a success if you are a restaurant manager. More profit, you know? You get paid a lot more if there are so many customers that go in to dine in your workplace. All that anxiety in working at a place like that might finally be worth it.

You also notice that while it is already bad for us to be approached by someone of the customer service industry where they have to sell their products to us, realize that it is probably more nerve wracking for them. They have to approach US and have to think about what to say to us to get us interested.

We already have trouble trying to keep up a conversation. How much if we have to initiate it to a stranger and SELL something to them. Especially when it is so obvious that they are not interested. This is not the job of someone who struggles with social anxiety. It goes the same for someone who struggles with answering phone calls.

They should not work in a phone company or a call center agency. The thought of having to wait for the phone to ring and then panicking over what to say? That is hell. It is the same for those who hate talking to other people but have to smile and serve them food anyway at a restaurant.