Amazing Thai food and its main course

Courtesy-The Spruce

Anyone who loves dining out and tasting various different cuisines would be aware of how popular Thai cuisine is. Let us take a journey into the world of Thai cuisine and see some of the main courses in Thai food.

Rice and Noodles: The staple food of Thai cuisine is, of course, the rice. And so it is no surprise that one greets a fellow Thai by saying “kin khao reu yang?” which means “Have you eaten rice?” or “Have you had food yet?” Thailand produces some of the best-cultivated rice varieties in the world. Noodles come in all shapes and sizes. Pad Thai is a famous noodle dish. Noodle was introduced to Thai cuisine by the Chinese migrants and it gained acceptance in the Thai food culture.

Thai curry and soup: The green, red or the yellow curry all have intense fragrance and flavors and are added to meat or vegetables while cooking to impart its unique taste to the dish.

Thai desserts: Desserts in Thai cuisine consists usually of rice, coconut, fruits and condensed milk. Desserts needn’t be only eaten with the meal, they can be had anytime. Khanom Krok is a famous coconut pudding.

Thai salad: Salads in Thai cuisine are served along with the main course together with rice. The Thai salad is a combination of raw vegetables, meat, seafood, noodles and fresh herbs. The salad is generally sour in taste and the famous salads are som tam and the raw papaya salad. 

So go to a Thai restaurant in Melbourne CBD today itself and enjoy a full course meal to know about the unique taste of Thai cuisine.