Should You Do Your Own Web Development?

Whether you should be doing your own web development is something that you can answer yourself better but it would depend upon whether you are competent enough to do these kinds of stuff and whether you are in a position to actually spare time and get it done. To be absolutely frank here, it does not take you too long to install wordpress given the number of scripts available that can provide you with a one click install.

However, it still depends upon what your level of expertise is as there are quite a few elements to it. Not everyone would feel comfortable doing their own developments as some people are totally business minded and have no clue about script manipulations and developments.

These people would always prefer outsourcing all of their important tasks so they can pay better attention to what they are good at, and that is, business development. If you are an individual developing websites for personal use, you may find it more cost effective to do your own developments. This way, you will be able to save yourself from running into a loss. Once you find your projects doing well in terms of bringing in a regular income for you, you may then outsource some of your projects to a professional web development company.

Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Website Safe From Intruders

Many times, we do not realize when and how our precious data is lost. Why? It’s because somehow your computer gets infected by malware which results in the loss of data. And we all know how annoying it is when something gets lost. Malware and infected viruses can wreak havoc in your system. Hackers may destroy all your records, portray themselves as you on social media and ruin your reputation. To overcome these issues you could use online security services. Many companies who are experts in web designers Sydney such as Dank Designs can help you with such issues.


Some of the tricks and tips to help you save your data are listed below.

  • Keep your electronic devices such as laptops, tablets or a smartphones safe. Use passwords on files on your computer devices as well.  Use strong passwords and security to protect your data from unwanted authorization, hackers and malware.
  • Make sure that the anti-virus software you use checks all the things you download. Also keep updating it as well for better performance. Run regular inspections through the software to make sure your information is kept safe.
  • Make things comfortable for yourself by taking certain precautionary steps. The one way to do this is regularly back-up your data. Timely backup all your files so they are not infected by malware.
  • If you want to download any new software do not do it without authenticating the website first.

It is better to be safe with your technology than crying over spilt milk later on!

The Basics About Blogging

Do you want to start writing stories or maybe advertise a service? Try making a blog;it’s fun, it’s simple and it gets the word out there. This article takes you through some of the basic things that you need to know.


What is a blog? How is it different from a website?

A blog is more personal than a website. You can have fun, be creative, use slang and not worry about ‘professionalism’.  Of course you can have a professional blog, but it’s not a requirement.

Web Hosting Websites

There are so many webhosting websites out there; all with different website design Sydney packages and facilities. Try contacting companies like Dank Designs to find out more!


Be creative on your blog. Decide what you want to write about and get to it. Nowadays, blogs are available on a variety of topics from school to products to hot vacation destinations. 


Don’t rely on people finding the blog on goggle. Share your page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other similar platforms. Tell everyone to make use of the old word of mouth.

Frequent Updates

Try and update as frequently as possible.  This will keep people’s interest from wandering. The internet world moves so fast, things that are good one day are bad another. Make sure you keep up!

Cool Name

Get people’s attention with a cool unique name.  Don’t make it complicated but at the same time it should be memorable, something thatpeople will remember once they log off the page.

Remember to have fun, and let your imagination guide you.